I love to read, but keeping track of what I read and maintaining my book collection (both past, current, and future) has become very difficult. I have a large collection of physical books, eBooks, and audiobooks (over a thousand), and I am finding myself unable to find a book when I want it, or remember something I read along the way, because my notes are spread all over the place.

I used to update this webpage with books I have recently read, along with my book notes and links to get the book if you like, but my lack of free time maintaining this book list isn’t worth it anymore. Instead, I will be using a spreadsheet for book tracking, Goodreads for reviews, and Alpa Books as my catalog database (I’m not a fan of Calibre flat directory method)


I will be uploading my reading list from 2018 and newer to my Goodreads account. I may at some point create an online book catalog but right now it seems like too much work for very little benefit.

To maintain my home collection of books, in all formats, I am using Alfa Books, which is software I will run on my PC. This will just keep track of where my books are and help me avoid buying multiple copies of something I already have, which has been a problem for a few years now.